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    'Cause I am a panicky angry man. - Marc Maron

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    A woman has blamed police in the Utah County city of Saratoga Springs over the fatal shooting of her 22-year-old son, Darrien Hunt, saying the outcome would have been different had he not been black.

    Before the statement was issued, Susan Hunt told the Deseret News: “They killed my son because he’s black. No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he’s running away.”

    "Those stupid cops thought they had to murder over a toy. This is my baby. This is my family. And they ruined my family."

    Susan Hunt said her son was carrying a Katana, a souvenir sword bought from an Asian gift store that has a rounded edge, not a blade.

    "My son is a tender heart who would not hurt anybody," she said. "My son is a beautiful, bright-eyed, intelligent boy."

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    Notice something in common in these photos?

    It’s not what you think

    I gave it away in the third pic

    That’s right! None of these cops are wearing badges or name tags! I wonder why… seems like it’d be important to wear those, since it’s even illegal not to in other states…

    This is actually illegal in all states. A police officer must be marked as such with name and badge at all times unless their jurisdiction states otherwise (such as an undercover officer), and even when not wearing a badge, the officer must have the badge accessible at all times and must show the badge in order to make an arrest. Name tags are not required as long as a badge is available because the badge has the officer number on it.

    This has really been bothering me. The police in Ferguson are breaking the law by concealing their identities. Everyone knows this, it’s been going on for ten days, and it appears that nobody is doing anything about it.

    The police are clearly and systematically violating the first amendment rights of the press, and they are getting away with it. This has been happening for days, and nobody appears to be doing anything about it.

    A police officer pointed a rifle at a journalist and told him to fuck off *while he was being filmed, so he’s easily identifiable by his superiors*, and that police officer still has a job.

    I know that not all cops are bad (or even most cops), but there are clearly bad cops in Ferguson, and they’re acting with complete impunity. I don’t understand why those cops aren’t being taken off the scene, and why a higher (possibly federal) authority isn’t coming in to address these things.




    the satisfaction

    One time in like 5th grade I had this teacher and she gave us all bottles of shit like this and told us to squeeze it all out and of course we were like fuck yeah and did it and then she said, “Now, try and shove it all back in the container.” Of course we all tried, and then stared at her confused as shit. When we all obviously gave up, she said, “In the moment, you were so consumed with what you were doing that you didn’t realize the mess you were making. Then, after it was so quickly and easily poured out, you realize it is impossible to put it all back in. Remember this for the rest of your lives when it comes to the words that come out of your mouth” and we were like 10 so we were like yeah ok whatever lady, but somehow to this day I think of it constantly. 

    I don’t get it…when you talk does a stream a toothpaste fly out of your mouth? If so…are you an X-Man?

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noot noot 🐌


    noot noot 🐌

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    when people dont like lord of the rings because the movies are ‘long’


    when people dont like lord of the rings because it  has ‘too much fighting’


    when people dont like lord of the rings




    Lord of the Rings


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    sex is a lot like an episode of star trek. you roll around together for a while, clothing gets torn, there’s dramatic music, aliens are watching, somebody dies

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    oh my god two words in that just UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

    All hope is lost so quickly I can’t stop laughing.

    danish tv is the best thing ever

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In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall


    In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall

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Remember this when you read reports of people ‘looting’ McDonalds tomorrow


    Remember this when you read reports of people ‘looting’ McDonalds tomorrow

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    Ladies and Gentleman, the man that will be in history books. He was throwing the burning tear gas. Not to the cops but away from the children protesting. In his American Shirt and bag of chips. Check his twitter.


    He’s also asked that no one buy merchandise with the iconic image on it

    Yes, I’ve also seen that. Also worth noting, for sure.

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Sunday thoughts


    Sunday thoughts

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    i wasn’t ready

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